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Within the incredible hemp plant, with thousands of years of history of use throughout the world, lies an incredibly complex parallel universe comprised of thousands upon thousands of molecules that not only serve to maintain the integrity of the plant and provide the botanical aesthetic that we have all come to know so well, but work together through an incomprehensible ecosystem which renders the plant capable of transforming every major industry that we humans have come to rely on for our own sustainability.

From the versatility of the fiber found within the stalk of the hemp plant to produce a multitude of textiles, clothing, and living, breathing building materials, to the hemp seed, holding within it many fundamental human building blocks such as essential fatty acids and protein, all that is required is a bit of processing and these two components alone can provide food, clothing, and shelter. But it doesn’t stop there. With modern day technology advancing so rapidly, the incredible utility of the hemp plant continues to coevolve with these technological advances. For example, with a careful combination of heat, pressure and time, new hydro-extraction technologies can transform hemp fiber into carbonized hemp fiber, a low-cost yet highly efficient alternative to graphene, a vital component of lithium-ion battery and supercapacitor production for the electric vehicle industry. This too can be said with new technologies that transform the cellulosic components of the hemp plant into materials which can replace ABS and Polypropylene, commonly used components in the plastics industry and considered to be quite harmful to the environment.



And then, there is the “medicine.” For that, we must focus on the flower of the hemp plant, which contains on its surface the glandular trichomes. These small “appendages,” serve to not just protect the plant from the environment but are chemical manufacturing facilities for the most profound and transformative compounds found within the plant. Known collectively as the phytocannabinoids (plant-derived cannabinoids), there are over 120 of these compounds found within the hemp plant and it is believed that all of them work like botanical “keys” to manipulate the numerous “locks” contained within the human Endocannabinoid System (referred to as the “ECS”), a more recently discovered system that exists throughout the entire body and every cell within it.

This unique system, truly representing the co-evolutionary nature of hemp and human beings, has been the subject of many recent clinical studies. However, to describe these unique compounds and the system upon which they act in the same way we describe the actions of pharmaceutical drugs on the body is like comparing the universe to a group of pretty stars. In fact, the reason that these compounds have proven to be so versatile in their positive influence on supporting human health is that their primary purpose is to restore a state of homeostasis, or balance, to the cells within the human body rather than shut a process down or speed it up in a linear fashion like drugs do. After all, the lack of homeostasis whereby cells maintain or move between a state of inactivity and/or overactivity is the cellular signature of illness.


But while illness states do indeed carry these binary characteristics, inactive and overactive cellular physiology is simply the rule nowadays, rather than the exception. This is due to an increasing number of internal and external environmental variables, all of which serve to perpetuate this state. And it is because of this perpetuated state of imbalance in most human’s bodies that we have assigned an exaggerated level of importance to the physical body and how we feel physically. This therefore comes with the indirect loss of importance we place on not just our state of mind, but the essential balance between body and mind which, when struck, serves to facilitate the rising of consciousness and the intuitive knowledge which emerges from it. This is where the deeper work of the phytocannabinoids come into play and where their divine utility becomes apparent.

Evidence is growing that the phytocannabinoids are also can address both body and mind through their unique interactions with serotonin receptors in the human brain. And while the physiological mechanisms may differ from other pharmaceutical drugs, this fact, combined with both the homeostatic qualities mentioned above and of the historical claims of transpersonal experiences associated with cannabis, there is growing interest in its utility when it comes to both supporting health while bringing forth mind-manifesting benefits.

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