Fôrs™ Labs Cryo-Thermo Massager with Vibro-Percussive™ Technology

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The Fôrs Labs™ Cryo-Thermo Massager, a registered FDA class 1 medical device, is the most advanced, custom-designed mechanical massage device on the market and has been brought directly from the professional treatment table to you.

Used by top-level athletes and those working with them, this innovative tool was designed to go above and beyond what's available on the market today by integrating high-frequency vibration and pressure with hot and cold therapeutic elements.

It can be used pre-workout, post-workout or during periods of temporary discomfort associated with exercise.


  • A powerful, high-torque motor with multiple speeds.
  • Noise Dampening Technology for quiet application
  • Multiple heads including the hot/cold (Cryo-Thermo) head for customized application
  • Rechargeable with automatic shut-off controls
  • Proprietary Vibro-Percussive™ Technology

The Fôrs Labs™ Cryo-Thermo Massager comes with a complete operations manual covering usage instructions, contraindications, technical details and troubleshooting steps.

Or download here: Operations Manual

When used correctly, the Fôrs Labs™ Cryo-Thermo Massager can:
  • Increase local circulation to an area of the body.
  • Release tight and restricted soft tissues.
  • Relieve temporary discomfort associated with exercise.
  • Accelerate warm-up as well as post-exercise recovery.
  • Improve range of motion and flexibility.

Weight:  1.4lbs

Dimensions:  6.15 x 2.3 x 5.95 (inches)

Strength Level:  3 levels available for adjustment

Temperature value*:


  • Level 1 - 95°F
  • Level 2 - 104°F
  • Level 3 - 113°F


  • Level 1 - 68°F
  • Level 2 - 59°F
  • Level 3 - 50°F

Power:  25W (Maximum 35W)

Charging Time:  5 Hours

Amplitude:  7mm

Number of Interchangeable Heads:  5 (including Hot/Cold)

Battery Life:

  • 2-3 hours for percussion
  • 2-3 hours for cooling
  • 3-4 hours for heating

Motor Rated Speed:

  • Level 1 - 46 Hz
  • Level 2 - 50 Hz
  • Level 3 - 53 Hz

*There will be a plus or minus deviation of 5°F in the above values, depending on the environment and service conditions.